Central Railroad of New Jersey Caboose 91544 at Glen Gardner, NJ - ARHS Digital Archive
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Rich Taylor

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Central Railroad of New Jersey

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  May 18, 1974

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  Glen Gardner, NJ

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CNJ 91544

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The rear end of joint Central Railroad of New Jersey and Erie Lackawanna train ES99 glides over the Lockwood Gorge trestle on the High Bridge Branch.

Comments from CNJ employee Fred Malchow:

The #91544 hack was assigned to one of the CNJ sides of ES99. If it is the regular crew working, the estimable Frank McManus is Engineer, Frank Taylor Conductor, Jimmie Douglas Head Brake and Paul Sikowski Flag.

Sikowski was a fastidious man. The paint might have been worn but the interior of the #91544 hack was always neat as a pin. And wherever you worked, you could expect an all black passed from the rear platform or the gig top. (all black - no hotboxes)

The #91544 was recycled through Reading by Conrail where it lost its Andrews trucks for a pair of ex-NYC ASFs. The windows were modified with RDG-style aluminum sash work.

I don't know where it spent the rest of its working life but URHS solicited it as a contribution from CRC. It sat at PSE&G Ridgefield Park until deacquisitioned (sort of like reissued) with title passing to the Borough of Fanwood. A few years passed in Fanwoods' recycling center (ironically, the point where the 1867 cutoff diverged from the 1842 Elizabeth & Somerville ROW) with nothing done. The hack was recently purchased by the Stirling Mine Museum in Franklin where an ambitious restoration is in the works. A good home after literally 30 years in the wilderness.